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Nurse Call Systems

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Improve patient safety with a nurse call system.

Patient safety can be greatly improved with the installation of a nurse call alarm system.

The alarms can be installed beside beds and in toilets where it could be difficult to get the attention of a nurse or other member of staff.

The alarms ensure that patients can get the attention they require quickly with the simple press of a button.

Panic Alarms Systems

hospital panic alarm

Draw attention to a panic situation or an accident.

A panic alarm system allows staff and patients to quickly and easily draw attention to an incident so it can be dealt with efficiently.

Here at IDS Alert we install compliant and reliable systems to ensure everyone’s safety and security.

Access Control Systems

medical facility access control

Control access to your property and monitor audit trails.

Access Control Systems allow health care facilities to manage who enters their premises, making controlling security far easier.

As well as managing access, Access Control systems will also allow you to monitor audit trails that can provide a detailed insight into the movements of staff and patients throughout a building.

Intruder Alarm Systems

intruder alarm systems

Protect your staff, patients and assets against intruders.

An intruder alarm is the most cost effective method of protecting hospitals and health care facilities against intruders.

As well as acting as a physical deterrent, an alarm will alert you and the authorities if an intruder is detected, allowing the situation to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

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