Caring for Vulnerable Relatives When You Can’t be There

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Emergency alarms to assist the elderly, visually impaired or physically impaired

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We have a range of systems that we have designed to assist relatives with the care of a loved one and provide all important reassurance that in the event of incidents such as falls, faints or other medical emergencies an immediate alert will be sent.

IDS Panic buttons

With the addition of a panic button added to a
system an instant alert can be raised to neighbours, relatives, or any appointed person who has our IDS app.

Providing instant notification if a person needs help straight to your phone, allowing you to take the appropriate action.

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IDS Activity Monitor

With a system installed to a relative’s home we can programme the detectors to monitor the whole area even when the system is unset for an agreed time frame.

Let say a person’s normal daily routine is to be up at 8am, the system scans the areas for movement generated after this time, if no movement is detected after the agreed time frame, an instant push notification is sent to the relative’s phone allowing them to take action.

ids activity monitor

IDS Medicare

Many people take medication on a regular basis, but it can sometimes be easy to forget to take scheduled medicines, with IDS Medicare contacts added to your system and fitted to any cabinet a notification is sent via the IDS App to a relative allowing them to remind a person if an all-important time has been missed.

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If you choose the Protector Plus+ system,
this gives you an instant view from inside the property via our cameras and two-way voice communication allowing you to visually see any incident and provide information to any person onsite.

internal security camera

For complete peace of mind why not choose the Guardian System which in the event of an emergency has all the benefits of the Protector Plus+ system, but with the added reassurance that in the event of an incident in your absence the alarm will be handled by a dedicated guard 24/7 from the monitoring station, who will relay to you and 3rd parties’ exact events to take the appropriate course of action.

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