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Indoor Sounder

With a loud 110dB output, the alarm will sound and alert you in the event of a break-in.


PIR-Glass Break Detector

The PIR-Glass Break detector gives reliable protection against break-in attempts via larger windows and conservatories.


IP Camera

Capture and store video where intrusion occurs. Remote live viewing from the app when you're away.


Outdoor Sounder

Located on the exterior of the property. Provides a visible and audible indication in the event that the alarm is triggered.


Central Control Hub

The nerve centre of the entire wireless alarm system.


PIR Camera

A combined unit that will detect an intruder, trigger an alarm and record the activity.


Panic Button

Providing peace of mind. Manually trigger the alarm in an emergency.


Magnetic Contact

Fitted to openings such as doors and windows to detect intrusions.



Automatically activate or deactivate external devices e.g. opening/closing garage door.



Keyring-like device that allows you to arm and disarm the alarm within a 900m range.

The monetary and emotional cost of a burglar entering a victim’s home!

Value of Damage Caused

Value of Goods Stolen


Victims with Emotional Stress

Standard Alarm Components & Add-On Devices

indoor alarm sounder

Indoor Sounder

The Indoor Sounder is an alarm speaker designed for use inside your property. With a loud 110dB output, the alarm will sound and alert you in the event of a break-in. It has a minimalist design and can be positioned anywhere in your home (up to 1,600m transmission distance). It connects wirelessly to your central alarm hub.

pir glass break

PIR-Glass Break

The PIR-Glass Break detector gives reliable protection against break-in attempts via larger windows and conservatories. The device can be easily mounted on the wall and provides a 1,600m range using wireless connectivity. If you have pets, the detector has a 30kg pet immunity to avoid any false positive alerts.

ip camera

IP Camera

Besides PIRCAM detectors that act as a combination of motion sensors and cameras, the system can also accommodate IP security cameras. These can be easily configured to work in tandem with your existing security setup. This gives you great flexibility to expand the reach and credibility of your networked system.

outdoor sounder

Outdoor Sounder

Fixable to the outside of your property, the Outdoor Sounder emits a loud 110db alarm sound when intrusion is detected. Since it functions via Wi-Fi, no wires are required. Just attach the sounder to the wall. Besides the alarm, the Outdoor Sounder also provides a visual deterrent. Blue and red colour options are available.

idsalert hub

IDSAlert Hub

The ADSAlert Hub or control panel acts as the nerve centre for the entire alarm system. The wireless panel attaches to your interior wall and connects to the Internet via a range of protocols, including over LAN, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and GPRS. This provides excellent reliability and security. It supports up to 96 wireless inputs and outputs.

motion sensor and camera combined


The PIRCAM Detector is an infrared motion sensor and camera in a single device. It has a 12m detection range and sends you a short video clip or 20 photos in the event of a break-in. No cables are required since it connects wirelessly (as do all IDSAlert Devices). It is easily wall-mounted and has an 800m transmission distance.

panic button

Panc Button

IDSAlert provides two panic button devices for your peace of mind: a wireless panic button that is wall attachable, and a wireless portable panic button for personal use. Both enable the user to raise an alarm at the press of a button. The portable panic button includes an in-built feature to prevent accidental presses of the alarm.

magnetic contact

Magnetic Contact

Magnetic Contacts provide reliable protection against window and door intrusions. Available for indoor and outdoor use, they are easily mounted to surfaces and connect wirelessly to the hub. With up to a 1,600m transmission distance, magnetic contacts are suitable for a wide range of properties, both small and large.

alarm relay module


IDSAlert Relays automatically activate or deactivate devices in the case of certain events being detected within your home. Programmable via IDSAlert’s Hik-Connect app, you can set your system to react in whatever way you see fit. The app also allows for easy device management, even if you are away from the home.

alarm keyfob


The Keyfob is a portable keyring-like device that you can use to more easily arm and disarm your alarm at range (up to 900m). A maximum of 48 keyfobs can be allocated to a single hub, plenty enough for most households — even for very large properties. It also features programmable buttons so you can customise the functionality.

alarm keypad


The Keypad attaches to the wall of your home and provides an easy way for you to arm and disarm the alarm. It has a backlit LED display with soft tactile buttons. The transmission range for wireless connectivity is up to 1,200m, giving you plenty of freedom to place the keypad where you like. It can also function with the Keyfob.

heat detector

Heat Detector

The wireless heat detector will raise an alarm should the temperature pass 57 degrees. The device has a built-in 85dB sounder and flashing LED light. Perfect for areas such as kitchens with prompt notification of any alarms via the always connected app.

smoke detector

Smoke Detector

The wireless smoke detector will raise an alarm if smoke is detected. The device has a built-in 85dB sounder and flashing red LED light. The device is wireless and the battery has a 10 year life span in standby mode. Alarm notifications are sent to the always-connected app.


Instant Intruder Alerts


User friendly programming


Intelligent arming


Real-time Video Clips


Battery monitoring/saving


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IDSAlert Hub Pro Series Wireless Alarm System

Installing a reliable alarm system is one of the best things you can do to protect your home from unwanted intruders. When you have property and possessions that need safeguarding, an alarm can act as a visible and practical deterrent to thieves.

The IDSAlert Hub Pro Series Wireless Alarm System is the perfect solution. It is an easy to use and simple to install domestic alarm with tons of innovative features.


The IDSAlert Hub Pro Series is a durable, reliable intruder alarm for homes of all sizes. The alarm has an ‘EN Grade 2’ compliant classification, giving it increased robustness to defend against more serious theft attempts.

If you have valuable possessions to protect, the alarm provides a credible defence against more sophisticated attacks. The alarm can cover indoor and outdoor areas of your property, giving you excellent coverage of your garden and driveways, further enhancing your security.

Key benefits

The IDSAlert Hub Pro alarm provides you with everything you need to protect your home out of the box. Below, we outline some of the key advantages of this system:

Wireless connectivity — All the components of the alarm connect using encrypted wireless technology, which is a highly secure and reliable method. Wireless encryption prevents interference and intruders from attempting to disrupt the signal.

Easily scalable — The system has ‘plug and play’ functionality using a variety of attachable devices. You can scale up your system as you see fit with new sensors, cameras, and wireless repeaters. This is ideal for small, medium, and large homes.

No-hassle installation — Wireless connectivity makes installation super-easy and fast. There is no need to install wires or have flooring and furniture removed. This means no mess or unnecessary disruption either during or after installation.

Many attachable devices — Several devices are available that allow you to create a fully personalised alarm system for your home. This includes PIR sensors to detect intruder movement, video cameras, magnetic window contacts, and more.

Manage from anywhere — The alarm can be controlled from anywhere using a simple mobile app and software platform. You can gain alerts when you are away from the home, view footage and image stills, and perform various other tasks.

Standout features

While the IDSAlert Hub Pro has many notable features for domestic use, the standout functionality includes:

  • Instant intruder alerts — Get instant e-mail or text alerts when your PIR motion sensors or magnetic door/window sensors detect intrusion.
  • Ultra long distance — Tri-X wireless technology gives your system a range of up to 2,000 meters, enough to cover even very large properties.
  • Real-time video clips — PIR sensors with cameras can capture video footage and stills in the event of a break-in (requires the PIRCAM device).
  • Environment detectors Smoke and heat detectors, water leak, and humidity detectors are optional extras and give you further ability to protect your home.
  • Controlled via a central hub — A central hub acts as the nerve centre of the system and connects via LAN, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and GPRS protocols.
  • External and internal sounders — A wireless external sounder with 110db alarm volume acts as a visual deterrent. An internal sounder is also available.


Caring for a vulnerable loved one when you can’t physically be there with them

IDSAlert can offer a range of solutions that will allow you to monitor the activities of a loved one remotely. Bringing you peace of mind that they are safe.

From panic buttons to activity monitors and cameras, our emergency assistance devices will bring you peace of mind that a loved one is safe.

Did you know our CCTV systems work through the same IDS Phone App meaning we can also link them to your alarm system for visual verification of alarm notifications, providing you with the ultimate security system at the touch of a button!

IDS CCTV Systems

Intelligent video technology that delivers the essential elements of security to homes and businesses.

At IDS Alert we like to keep it simple, that’s why we have worked very hard to create our CCTV packages.

  • Simply Priced, no nonsense or hidden costs.
  • Simple to use no technical software to navigate
  • All connected to your mobile phone with our app for simplicity and remote viewing anywhere in the world

We pride ourselves on providing quality CCTV systems, installed by professionals, and easy for our customers at a transparent fixed cost.

From a few simple questions around your property size, layout and security needs our team can assess the needs of your security requirements and provide a recommendation from our packages listed below.

There is no obligation, and no big site surveys to confuse our customers and oversell big systems!

We simply recommend the system based on your needs from our fixed price packages and provide as much help and information as you need!

Unparalleled visibility,
integration and control over security.

Through Hik-Connect, users are able to see their security like never before. Utilising the AXPRO intruder system alongside the whole range of IDSAlert products, users can control systems, manage installer access, view video verification, and check configuration and settings of devices, from anywhere in the world.

security camera

Integration with the whole IDSAlert portfolio

security app on mobile phone

Control from anywhere in the world

  • One tap to arm/disarm
  • Instant alarm notification
security app sensor status

Sensor status and configuration

  • Check device status including environmental temperature, settings and history of events.
security app camera view
Intruder Verification as a Service; 4 IP camera and PIRCAM integration

  • 7 second video verification clip
  • On board video buffer
  • Camera and detector linkage
  • Superfast PIRCAM protocol for
security app user management

Administrator account to add users and manage the system

  • Administrators can control installer access authority anytime
  • Add and manage other users of the system from anywhere

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