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Protect your business from security threats such as intruders and fire with a system from IDS Alert

Completed Commercial Projects

West Green Place London N17

Project: West Green Place

Client: DCI Electrical M&E, HG Construction, Pocket living

Project type: Private and social housing

West Green Place N17 is a new community of 98 one and two bedroom discounted Pocket homes, 12 two bedroom Pocket Edition homes and 16 three bedroom Pocket Edition town houses set around a new landscaped street next to Downhills Park in Haringey. It has been designed by award-winning architects HTA Design LLP.

The specification for this project called for vandal resistant video entry systems to each apartment block with access control integrated into each intercom providing secure access to main entrances and various common areas within each block.

CCTV with a minimum of 3 Mega pixel cameras installed to the perimeter of the blocks to achieve maximum coverage were to be specified by the security specialist.
Integrated Digital Security ltd specified a network integrated door entry and access control system by Paxton Net2.

The Net2 system provides a seamless link of all systems and integrates these over a single network, whilst providing a modern robust access panel enabling all tenants to have one access control fob to all areas.

Door groups can be created and allocated via the intuitive and easy to use software interface.

A design for the CCTV system was created to allow all blocks to have a dedicated network video recorder with remote access, with 5 megapixel varifocal cameras specified to allow maximum coverage of the perimeter whilst providing identification images.

security system london n17
security gate london N17
security camera london N17
security system london n17
security system london n17
security system london n17
security door london n17
security keypad london n17
security larm control panel london n17

Sheep Lane, London Fields E8

Project: Sheep Lane

Client: DCI Electrical M&E, HG Construction, Aitch Group

Project type: Private apartments

Watermark is a mixed-use development by Aitch Group on Sheep Lane in London Fields E8.

The 8-storey canalside building comprises over 40,000 sq ft of workspaces from the basement to first floors and 40 residential units above.

The specification for this project called for a residential and commercial door entry and access control system to access dedicated entrances and various common areas within the building.

BPT had been specified as the preferred manufacturer for the door entry system, with the access control designed and specified by the security specialist.

Having consulted the managing agents and looked at the current system that was installed to administer existing developments, Integrated Digital Security was able to once again build on their relationship with Paxton and specify a Net2 system to integrate with the managing agent’s current software platform, allowing seamless integration of additional developments.

Paxton readers were integrated into the BPT door entry panels, again allowing a fully integrated system and providing tenants one access control fob to use across the whole site.

An IP CCTV system with 360-degree pan tilt and zoom cameras was specified to allow the onsite concierge to have full sight of the main entrances and common areas.

Utilising a network DVR allowed all images to be relayed to the landlord’s main office for out of hours monitoring and remote backup of footage for extra security.

Secure your property today

Security systems to suit all applications.

CCTV Systems

cctv security camera ceiling mount

Monitor your business whilst preventing and deterring criminal activity with an HD CCTV System.

Here at IDS Alert we offer bespoke design and installation of cutting-edge HD CCTV systems to ensure the security of your property, employees and hard earned assets.

With the aid of a CCTV System you can monitor your business from anywhere in the world at anytime via our dedicated smart-phone application, this allows you to rest assured that you are protected at all times.

Intruder Alarms

intruder alarm installers

Protect your business, employees and assets against burglars by installing an Alarm System.

An intruder alarm is the most cost effective method of protecting commercial premises against intruders.

As well as acting as a physical deterrent, an alarm will alert you and the authorities if an intruder is detected, allowing the situation to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Door Entry Systems

door entry systems
Verify your visitors before letting them enter your premises.

Door entry systems allow staff to verify the identity of a visitor before granting them access.

IDS can install simple single audio intercoms to multi way video IP systems with integrated access control readers, protecting staff and managing your vistors.

Access Control Systems

access control system essex

Control access to your property and monitor audit trails for a more secure premises.

Access Control Systems allow businesses to manage who enters their premises, making controlling security far easier.

As well as managing access, Access Control systems will also allow you to monitor audit trails that can provide a detailed insight into the movements of staff throughout a single site or multi-site business.

Fire Alarm Systems

fire alarm system essex

Protect your business from the risk of fire with a cutting-edge Fire Alarm Systems.

Here at IDS Alert we design and install bespoke Fire Alarm systems to suit your specific application and requirements, meaning you will have the best possible protection against fire available.

A Fire Alarm will alert you, key-holders and the authorities in the event of a fire allowing for a quick and efficient response, this will minimise the damage caused.

Prevent crime before it occurs…

Did you know that over 80% of burglaries occur in properties without an intruder alarm installed? A visible security system acts as an excellent deterrent to prevent criminal activity from happening in the first place. Contact IDS Alert today to secure your business before it is too late!

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