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CCTV Installation Basildon

If you are serious about protecting your property and valuable assets, CCTV provides a credible and practical defence against intruders.

Modern CCTV systems are easy to use, feature-rich, and dependable, giving you a continual 24/7 security presence to deter opportunists and thieves.

At IDS Alert, our CCTV installation services in Basildon provide peace of mind and ensure you can effectively protect your home or business premises.

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Key Benefits of CCTV

There are several advantages to installing a reliable CCTV system for your home or business:

  • Deterrence — Having CCTV protecting your property all day, every day will deter opportunistic theft and casual intrusions. Not only that, it further demonstrates that you take security seriously.
  • Feel Safer — The mere presence of CCTV will vastly increase your feeling of safety, either in your home or place of work.
  • Lower Insurance — Installing CCTV can often lower the cost of your home and business insurance premiums. It’s a cost-effective, practical way to reduce your expenses.
  • Evidence — If a crime does occur, you will have vital evidence to show that could be key in ensuring a conviction.

CCTV Installation

No matter what the size or type of property, we can help. We offer both wired and wireless CCTV installation for indoors and outdoors.

Wireless CCTV requires no lengthy cabling and allows for faster installation. It also reduces the need to drill through walls, limiting the amount of cosmetic damage to your property.

On the other hand, wired CCTV is arguably more reliable and never suffers from signal weakness or interference. Wired systems also tend to be a little more cost-effective.

Our services extend to residential homes, commercial buildings, and even industrial premises.

We always advise on the optimal places to locate your cameras to provide the best possible coverage and value for money.

CCTV Features

The latest CCTV camera systems are user-friendly and have great functionality to make securing your property easy and stress-free.

Just one example is automatic motion detection and push alerts to your smartphone. When activity is recorded, you will receive an instant update and get the opportunity to view a video of the action.

On many systems, you can view live footage of the cameras and review recorded video clips on demand. Even if you are away from your property or in another country you have full access to your feeds 24/7.

But it is also possible to view live video feeds on computer monitors and televisions, giving you plenty of flexibility to design a system that meets your requirements.

Most camera setups can handle day and night vision. This is important when you need to ensure continual monitoring around the clock (and also crucial since the majority of crime typically occurs at night).

Many CCTV camera systems can be integrated as part of a wider home or business security setup.

Even if you are away from your property or in another country you have full access to your feeds 24/7

viewing cctv remotely

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Besides installation, we also offer ongoing maintenance plans, repairs, and expert advice upon request.

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